MacOS High Sierra Checklist

macOS High Sierra will be released on September 25. Warning to users of Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, due to compatibility issues, both apps will not be supported in this release of macOS. (Engadget: Latest macOS kills pro video editor favorite Final Cut Pro 7) You should also check out 32-bit app compatibility as well before you upgrade

Make sure to check out the following list, sorted by my excitement level:

  1. Safari should be way faster, autoplay blocking for audio and video is all I ever wanted and cross-site tracking from web ads can be blocked as well. (Advertising groups have protested over this feature, which probably means Apple is doing the right thing).
  2. Faster copy and reboot time as Apple switch to a new file format system (APFS). But there might be a potential danger in old HSF+ format especially for Bootcamp and Time Machine users.
  3. Photos app is more powerful and built with more edit tools like curves edit and preview live photos.
  4. You can copy files from one mac to another by pressing Command + C and V, as a part of the Continuity features (as long as both Mac are on High Sierra, not too old, same iCloud, Wifi and Blutooth turned on. More details at iMore)
  5. You can capture live photos during a FaceTime video call.
  6. You can pin notes by swiping notes right in the Notes app.
  7. You can check your flight by typing flight number in Spotlight.

Wishlist: Muralkit

BuzzFeed Product Labs partnered with 3M to create Mural Kit, a customised pixel art platform, that delivers the colored post-it to your door. Backing sheets with color indication will be provided as well, so your photos or message can be a surprise until the mural is completed.

Watch: Where did Command (⌘) symbol originated?

The design inspiration behind the Apple command key

If you've ever worked on an Apple computer, you've seen this (⌘) weird squiggly command sign. Phil Edwards explains the origins of this unique character:

Posted by Overrated on 2017年9月14日

Learn about the history of Command (⌘) key on Mac keyboard. Susan Kare who first adopted the icon also created a bunch of other icons and logos for NeXT (the company that Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple) Suggested by audience comments, the meaning of the symbol should be “special sighting worth a visit” or “attraction” in Swedish, not specifically camping site as concluded in the video.

| Watch now at Overrated by VOX media

Apple Keynote

Takeaways: Apple Keynote Sep 2017

Apple reveals the next generation of iPhonesss (8, 8 Plus and X), Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park this week. Put aside the debate over the worthiness of iPhone X, Face ID on-stage fail (or not) and the naming traditions of iPhone. Some takeaways of the keynotes still worth for more discussions.

AR Apps and Games may not ship as fast as the new iPhones

Despite the extensive coverage of ARKit announcement at WWDC in June, the “profound” technology as commented by Tim Cook was only slightly mentioned in the keynote last week with one game demo. Even the worldwide hit AR game Pokemon Go was not shown in a demo or even mentioned. On the consumer level, this level of technology might take more time to develop, or even years become popular. Only Snapchat made their appearance with face-tracking face filter during iPhone X demo with TrueDepth camera technology. There’s more to come just not as fast as we expected. As The Verge’s Nick Statt suggested, “More pertinent to the future of AR is how Apple will inevitably help it spread.”, since ARKit comes with all iOS devices that upgraded to iOS 11, instead of shipping with selected high-end Android phones like Google Tango does.

7 mins of female presence in 2-hour long keynote

There is always the lack of diversity in Apple’s company management, gender speaking and ethnically speaking.  Tim Cook acknowledged it was a problem in an interview in 2015. Yet there is only one female senior vice president today. (Rest are all white men). Angela Ahrendts, who joined Apple in 2013 from Burberry as Apple’s senior vice president of retail, finally appear on stage last week to give an update on Apple retail. However, in the two-hour long keynotes, women only took on stage and speak for 7 minutes. (and the discussion of Angela’s trench coat on Twitter was totally missing the point) Google bumped their female presence starting in 2014 Google I/O, increasing from 8 percent to 25 percent. Those were more significant than Apple’s, not only in assisting a demo, telling a bad joke but in product release and major announcement. Counting numbers and screentime might not be a way to show if gender equality has achieved, but it’s a sign at very least. In the recent battle of gender diversity in Silicon Valley, over Uber, Google and more tech giants, equal pay ranks, promotion opportunities are even bigger problems despite screentime Apple might be the next.

One woman and ten white male on Apple’s management page.

Indie musician shocked when her album artwork featured in iPhone X

I always admire the taste of Apple Music. Comparing to algorithm-based Spotify, Apple Music is built with human-touch and editorial picks. Apple also makes good use of their product launch to promote artists that they love. When Apple Music first launched, Spring King’s City (NME: Spring King ‘Blown away’ after becoming first band ever played on Apple’s Beats 1) was picked as the opening song of Beats 1 radio, bringing international attention to alternative rock band from Macclesfield, England. Same tricks again Apple’s keynote, UK unsigned singer Emma Blackery’s album artwork Magnetized has featured and as one of the screenshots on the iPhone X, even without her knowing it. Emma has become instantly famous for her shock responses Twitter. This reminds us again how Apple ties their products and their services together (Music, Movies and Apps).


Wishlist: iPhone X

You cannot miss the top notch design of iPhone X, some said it is flawed in landscape web browsing and video viewing. But the monitor still looks brilliantly stunning. I like the use of mixed oil paints to let the OLED screen speaks for itself (Super Retina Display is a stupid name though). True depth camera might be the next big thing for phone companies to follow in the next few years. Everything will not be the same after this.

| Starting from $999, Pre-order starts at Oct 27

Rise and Fall of Social Media

An article on WIRED about what social media means to us today, totally speaks to the challenges social media faces today. Genres of topics stand out sharing on social media, those were politics, gossips and cats video, yet the significantly decreased content might be the personal life of each user. So what is important to us, what we want to see and what we want to share? After years onboarding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, what are the meaning of those likes and attentions? What is important or not?

For months the gravity of social media has felt heavier than standard atmospheric pressure. The news is often bad and the awareness of filter bubbles is too great to feel right about posting anything that doesn’t seem Important.

Fear and Loathing on Social Media | Angela Watercutter