KeepingYouAwake – Prevent Your Mac From Sleeping

I have been using Caffeine for years, a MacOS menu bar app that simply does one job – prevent your Mac from sleeping. However, Caffeine has not updated for years and there are compatibility issues in latest macOS Yosemite, El Capitan & Sierra.

KeepingYouAwake is good choice to replace Caffeine, with support of retina display, a flatter icon and dark mode support as well. Customise options like deactivate when battery is lower than certain percentage is also available as well.

| Made by Marcel Dierkes from Germany

| KeepingYou Awake, macOS, Free

IM Reunion

Franz – One App To Rule IM

Franz is the ultimate king to rule in the stupid messy war of IM. (Franz means King in Austria as where it developed). It combines all web-available messaging platforms into one, and hence iMessage is not invited. With multiple account support, you can easily to switch between personal Facebook messages and business talking on Slack.

Additional support of major email platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), Franz spares endless tab pages from your browser and connects with local push notification as well.

| Made By Stefan Malzner & Jonathan Burke in Austria

| Franz, Windows / Mac / Linux, Free

Fast & Lightweight

Bvckup2 – Backup in A Breeze

I have embarked on a long journey for one single backup app on Windows to do all the hard-work.  Bvckup2 is the last and only backup software that you’ll ever need. Most apps over-complicated the process of backup, involving two-way of synchronization.

Bvckup simplifies the process and cut to chase allowing speeding one-way copy task management with scheduling features. Supporting delta copying support also speed up my routine backup from my PC to NAS every single night.

| Made by Pipemetrics in Switzerland

Bvckup2, Windows, $19.95