Thoughts on Digital Habit

Reorganising my digital life before 2017 ends

Let’s begin, by admitting I am living in a digital mess.

This is the year 2017. Everyday, I am tempted by new products with sweet and cool features wrapped in fancy landing page. Struggling between one and other productivity tools, like calendar, todo app and mail client make myself to feel better, to be more productive.

Hopping on and off different platforms and apps day by day, we face the constant headache in the era of cloud storage and web app:


There are no continuity of our personal data, at all.

In the days of homogenous products, scattered digital life will be one of biggest problem in time. I have already lost count of the following scenarios:

  • Find an article that I have read before, tried Feedly, Instapaper, but end up finding it on Facebook Saved
  • Locating an old file. My documents and files are spread all over Dropbox, Google Drive, various hardisk and backup drive on my PC and Mac.
  • Search for bookmarks and browsing history. Some are even archived online (I can’t beleive Netvouz is still working right now)

In the end of 2016, I declared a war on my 1000+ saved articles and evernote notebook. I got rid all of it and I solemnly swear to clean my saved articles every end of the month since then. Things aren’t looking great right now. To put an end or at least feeling better to the problem that I have raised, I felt my mission to log my journey before 2017 ends.

In addition to fix those problems that I encounter. I would also want to

  • Manage all my gadgets, trade in/out record, serial number and warranty
  • Password management, period. There is a nice piece on password management written by Mauricio Estrella.

In the remaining days of 2017, I have set myself a target to audit my digital life, to re-think each part of my digital Getting rid of all messy bookmarks, decent password system, unified bookmarks, integrated workflow for saved articles and knowledge base. More articles to come …