MacOS High Sierra Checklist

macOS High Sierra will be released on September 25. Warning to users of Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, due to compatibility issues, both apps will not be supported in this release of macOS. (Engadget: Latest macOS kills pro video editor favorite Final Cut Pro 7) You should also check out 32-bit app compatibility as well before you upgrade

Make sure to check out the following list, sorted by my excitement level:

  1. Safari should be way faster, autoplay blocking for audio and video is all I ever wanted and cross-site tracking from web ads can be blocked as well. (Advertising groups have protested over this feature, which probably means Apple is doing the right thing).
  2. Faster copy and reboot time as Apple switch to a new file format system (APFS). But there might be a potential danger in old HSF+ format especially for Bootcamp and Time Machine users.
  3. Photos app is more powerful and built with more edit tools like curves edit and preview live photos.
  4. You can copy files from one mac to another by pressing Command + C and V, as a part of the Continuity features (as long as both Mac are on High Sierra, not too old, same iCloud, Wifi and Blutooth turned on. More details at iMore)
  5. You can capture live photos during a FaceTime video call.
  6. You can pin notes by swiping notes right in the Notes app.
  7. You can check your flight by typing flight number in Spotlight.

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Posted by Overrated on 2017年9月14日

Learn about the history of Command (⌘) key on Mac keyboard. Susan Kare who first adopted the icon also created a bunch of other icons and logos for NeXT (the company that Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple) Suggested by audience comments, the meaning of the symbol should be “special sighting worth a visit” or “attraction” in Swedish, not specifically camping site as concluded in the video.

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