What Does Stock Photos Say About Women?

Over the last decade, the most sold images from Getty for the search term “women” have evolved from photos of mostly naked models to active women to ones in which women’s appearance is beside the point.

Infidelity meme took over social media in this summer, later interview of the maker turns out to be a stock photo photographer, who was working on an infidelity photo session. New York Times’ article, written by Claire Cain Miller, talks about the trend of women in stock photos in the last decade. Takeaways:

  • Top-selling Getty photo for the search term “woman”: In 2007 was a barely naked woman in a towel, In 2017 was a lonesome female hiker.
  • The most popular stock images include those of people with a range of ages and cultural diversity and non-traditional gender roles.
  • But looking to stock photo’s usage,” Photos of women or girls who aren’t white were most likely to be used on sites about race.”

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